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Hello there, I am glad that you have visited here....

I started World real quick info in Dec., 2017 with a vision to share all my experiences in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Investment and its related technologies, CIBIL, Health, and General Knowledge. It also covers News and Current affairs on captioned topics.

My name is SATPAL SINGH MATTA, I started my Career in Year 1999 in Banking and Finance. I am sharing my 20 Years of knowledge and experience on Concepts and Procedures which includes knowledge in evading frauds related to Banking, Finance, Insurance, Investments and CIBIL.

I assure you once reading my posts it would be difficult for a fraudster to cheat you. I urge you all to share with as many as you can.

* Information, news and latest updates on Banking, Finance, Investment and Insurance (BFII).
* Various preventive measures on BFII.
* Latest Technology related to BFII.
* Investment related Posts.
* CIBIL related information.
* Health related posts.
* Current Affairs.
* General Knowledge posts.

Now moving on, I have decided to make my readers aware on captioned related issues and make you all aware about how the monies of innocent people has been stolen and cheated through various tricks and Modus Operandi by misusing latest technologies and digital platforms.   

This is my sincere attempt to share as maximum as I can, I chose this platform to make all of Your life convenient and reduce the risk in dealing in Your day to day life.

My Best wishes with all and request all of you to share these posts with others as well...... 

Stay Alert and Stay Safe..... 

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