May 20, 2018

What is Plate Glass Insurance Policy?

Plate glass is used in various types of shops and business outlets for show cases, store fronts and for numerous other commercial purposes. There may be a number of causes that can lead to such breakage, such as, defective setting, wars, over heat, windstorms, snow, explosions, burglary and so on.

It’s the very nature of glass that it is bound to break. Among all these, approximately 40 % of the glass breaks occur due to unknown causes. This breakable nature of glass makes it not only advisable but necessary to get a Plate Glass insurance policy.

If there isn’t an insurance policy like this, the businessman or shopkeeper will have to take all the burden of the loss on him or will have to claim the amount from people who are responsible for the loss. And as many a times the reason for such a mishap is unknown, how can the sufferer make a claim? This is where the Plate Glass policy is useful.

Various benefits of Plate Glass Policy:

1. The policy covers the cost of accidental breakage of the insured plate glass. The clause includes a number of reasons for breakage along with some exceptions.
2. The policy also provides coverage for the damage or loss of embossed, lettered, embossed, sheet glass and so on.

There is some exclusion also:

The exclusions may differ from policy to policy. Some of the most common exclusions include:

1. Damage or loss due to Act of God such as natural disasters.
2. Damage or loss caused by war.
3. Damage or loss caused due to the incomplete fixture of the glass and so on.

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