May 16, 2018

What is ATM Skimming, how does it works?

Stay Alert - Series 18

ATM Skimming:

ATM skimming is a method used by fraudsters to steal information from your ATM card to withdraw cash from your account.

ATM (Automated Teller Machine):
ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is beneficial both for the Bank as well as for the Customers to withdraw cash and basic banking which includes bill payments, fund transfers, etc. Still, people are apprehensive of using ATM cards, as high numbers of cases are reported on a regular basis pertaining to ATM or debit cards frauds. Out of various types of ATM frauds, ATM Skimming is at increasing trend.

By ATM skimming, the fraudsters steal the information of your debit cards. It is a two step procedure. The first step is the skimmer, which is a card reader that is inserted over the ATM’s card slot. Through this the information of the card, which is stored in the magnetic strip is recorded. The second step is positioning cameras so as to record the security PIN as you type them on the keypad. At times, a fake keypad is placed above the real keypad instead of placing cameras to capture the PIN number.
Precautions to be taken while using ATM card to avoid being prey to ATM Skimming?
  • Always cover the keypad with your hand while you enter the Pin. 
  • Use ATMs where the card is inserted into the machine rather than swiping are safer. 
  • If the keypad seems to be elevated or there is a colour difference between the ATM and the keypad, you may visit some other ATM for your transaction.
Stay Alert, Stay Safe. 

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