Apr 12, 2018

Special Maternity Insurance for Women’s

In today’s scenario Women’s are backbone of Indian Society. Women’s are the Stars of our Society who are equally contributing in building our Nation at par with Men’s. 

In a view to cover the challenges faced by Women’s especially in weaker sections of society, many Insurance companies have come up with specific insurance cover for Women’s.

First Care for yourself:
Women now a day’s face various health issues such as irregular  BP, Diabetes, Arthritis, Bone disorder, Breast Cancer, etc. Especially working Women’s who manage office as well as family work needs special attention. It’s very difficult to stay fit while performing various physical activities. So, my health first should be the priority for every women.

Multiple Tasks:
With the changing culture and booming globalisation today’s Women from the era of Home maker has moved to professionalism. 

Earlier they were covered under Family floater policies and with the time moving ahead working Women’s got covered in Company group insurance. Now, with the need of an hour the critical diseases like Cancer are also covered under health insurance plans especially meant for Women’s.

Women’s Facts: 
Numerous physical challenging situations amplified the Women’s mortality rate over Men’s. Giving birth to a child is dream of every Women and mother’s health is very significant to produce a healthy child without compromising with health. 

As a result, maternity cover has become an important aspect of mother and child’s health. The cover reduces child related deaths as many complications are taken care because of money. Having a maternity health insurance cover sets a mother at financial ease and enriches the chances of essential nutrients passing on to child in a womb. 

Which Insurance companies provide Maternity Cover?
* United India Assurance covers under group insurance scheme
* Outpatient department (OPD) Health policy by ICICI Lombard covers maternity expenses along with dental and day care.  
* Apollo DKV provides maternity cover under day care coverage, expenses covered prior to and during hospitalisation.

Highpoints of cover:
* Pre, during and post hospitalisation expenses
* Complication before and after child’s birth
* Surgeries and pregnancy related complications
* Medical cost for pregnancy taking place during nine month of purchasing the maternity insurance policy
* Events leads to failure of pregnancy during initial few weeks are not covered

Apart from above mentioned, various other Insurance companies have come up with maternity insurance scheme with various conditions applicable. 

Every women should take care of her health first as securing better health leads to flourishing life ahead.

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