Mar 4, 2018

Understanding Cash On Delivery (COD)

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What is Cash On Delivery (COD)?
Cash On Delivery (COD) is one of the payment options available on E-Commerce websites on purchase of Consumer Goods and Services. COD can become a preferable option, if we follow the below mentioned tips.

Let us understand first how our product reaches us once we place an order on E-Commerce website:

When we order a particular product from our Computer screen / Mobile it gets forwarded to one of the Sellers with E-Commerce website. If this Seller has their own logistics / transportation arrangements then they will deliver the product directly. If not, in that case it further goes to third party for delivery. Post covering the whole process, it reaches to our door step.

If we have opted for COD and received inferior / fake / any other product, then what are the options do we have?

1. Before receiving an order we have to call Customer Contact Centre and inform them about our preferable time of receiving an order. 

2. We usually accept the delivery and sign on order receipt and pay the cash. Instead we have to demand to unbox the parcel on camera, the reason is there are many products on E-Commerce websites on which refund option is not available and only replacement can be done.
3. Its not compulsory to pay by Cash only, even though we have opted for COD. We can pay through Debit / Credit Card also as most of the delivery guys carries Card Swipe machine. We can insist on Card payment also.
4. If the delivery guy is not allowing us to unbox the product, we can return and update on E-Commerce website.

What are the benefits in opting for COD option?
1. On selecting COD option, if we have not received an order or it gets cancel in transit, there's nothing to worry at all and we don't need to follow the company for refund as well.
2. If we are receiving the wrong product, it's very easy to return on the spot and we just need to share the camera recording through an email about wrong product returned.

By implementing these tips we can secure our right of receiving the correct product and safe guard our money and time.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

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