Feb 1, 2018

16 Tips to keep your Bank Cards safe.

Stay Alert - Series 8

Worldwide Bank Cards are common targets of fraudsters and as payment technology advances, it’s essential that you must know how to secure your financial data.
One cannot guarantee preventing 100% but you can create some hurdles and make it tougher for fraudster to get hold of your Card.
1. Never carry all Cards while travelling, example if you have 5 Cards ensure you carry 2 Cards.
2. Try to use only one Card frequently for all online and POS transaction , ensure this Card is carrying lowest credit limit.
3. Don  share your Card details over phone.
4. Never sign on flip side of your Card instead can mention “SEE ID” in place of signature.
5. Beware while revealing your Bank Card details on websites or online platform.
6. Never mention your PIN on Card or carry in your purse.
7. Make it a habit to compare your receipts with monthly Bill.
8. Every ATM is allotted an Account number, kindly note before throwing away your receipt.
9. In case of re-swipe always check SMS alerts and merchants mini statement to ensure the earlier payment was not processed.
10. Never share your Card or personal details, since no Bank will ask to share your Card details.
11. If you receive any call for discontinuation, expiry, or damage on your Bank Card, never entertain such calls instead disconnect and call your Bank Card Customer care and find out the facts.
12. Never share photo of your Card on Social network.
13. Never leave your Card unattended at workplace, since the cases of Card frauds are on higher side at workplace.
14. Check your Card account frequently which is fundamental to Card safety.
15. Understand what information websites need and what they don’t while buying online.
16. Report lost Card or anything suspicious right away.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

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