Jan 12, 2018

ISRO’s 100th successful satellite launch PSLV Cartosat 2.

ISRO’s successful 100th Satellite Launch of PSLV C 2 has made India proud again.

India’s ISRO on Friday launched its 320 tonnes and 44.4 metre tall Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C40) at 09:29 AM after a 28 hour countdown.
PSLV C-40 was carrying Total 31 rockets including three Indian and 28 of six other nations (UK, US, Finland, France, Canada and Korea) have ejected the satellites one by one and deploy them into the Earth’s lower orbit about 17 minutes and 18 seconds after the lift off.
According to ISRO, the Cartosat-2 series satellite launch is a follow-on mission with the primary objective of providing high resolution scene specific spot imageries. 

It carries panchromatic and multi-spectral cameras operating in Time Delay Integration mode which is capable of delivering high resolution data.

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