Dec 24, 2017

When to open Savings Bank Account for Your Children?

Worried about your child's future..
The time has come that we teach our children’ the Value of Money.
It’s time to make them aware about the importance of Special occasions such as Birthday, Studies, Holidays, and Marriage. Children's receive money on various occasions which can be kept reserved in their personal Savings Bank  Accounts .
So it’s time to take a call and open their Savings Bank  Account  and Deposit their Piggy Bank reserves for building their future.   
Let’s discuss which one is the Best Bank Advice we can provide for our Kids:
Which is the Best Savings Bank Account for my Child?
We will have to search for Best Interest Paying Savings Bank Account which is the need of an Hour at this point of time.The minimum Balance requirement should be Either Zero or attached with any Recurring Deposit / Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). Also i ts better we take online Banking Services to track the Balances in their Account.
What are the Documents required to open my Child Savings Bank Account?
- Only Your Child’s Birth Certificate is required. 
- Being a Guardian Your ID and Address Proofs are required along with contact number and Email ID.
- Cash or Cheque from Your existing Savings Bank Account is required.
Try visit Bank with Your child while carrying any deposit transaction in Bank, Create his/her interest in understanding how money grows in Savings Bank account.
Why it ’s better than their Piggy Bank?
The Bottom Line is it’s always a best time to Open Savings Bank Account for Your Child. The money will keep compounding over a period time and could help Your Child in future in various ways 

So Hurry Up and DO IT NOW…...

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