Dec 24, 2017

How to Protect yourself from online Bank Frauds across the World?

Stay Alert - Series 3

Most of the cases of Frauds came to light when it's been accomplished. Anyone, anywhere and anytime can become their victim either through Fake online advertisements, Lucrative Fraudulent Emails, ambiguous Phone calls pretending to be Legitimate or it can be Text message leading to Fake online website.

Now a days Technology has taken a big leap from traditional Desktops to our Hand sets which has multiplied the risk of Internet Penetration, Hacking, Cyber Crimes and increasing rapidly across the World.

Let's discuss some of the Protective measure to prevent these Frauds to happen:

1. Always use cash on delivery option instead of Paying online especially on E - Commerce Websites in order to protect yourself.

2. Always use HTTPS Everywhere, and while communicating make sure that the site is encrypted. We need to check whether the version of the Site you are using is secured by looking at Green box next to URL at Header in Browsing address bar.

3. Beware of Suspicious Emails pretending to be sent from Legitimate Govt. Dept., or any Reputed Business House or may be any Lottery Winning Emails.

4. Use difference Passwords for Different Sites and it should be Strong enough. Don't use Like words or from your daily routines.

5. Always keep your Antivirus or Anti malware updated.

6. Never ever share your password with others.

Hope these points will help in evading Online Frauds and prevent us to become victim of these bad guys.

Always remember to inform the Police Cyber Crime Dept., and Banking / Financial Institution immediately.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe...